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The Life And Times Of A Sea Dragon

Okay, this one's kinda odd, in that it's not one of my logs.

Apparently, someone's been reading my old logs, and decided to actually visit Imperia, despite me saying I got banned from there.

Well, after about a month with a low-powered character (some sort of magic-less farmboy), he got banned. And sent me the logs of the relevant portions. Since I... ahem... left, the place has apparently gotten even MORE draconian, with new players forced to take weak characters and play in a mostly-inactive channel until they "prove" themselves worthy of playing with the "real RPers".

So I present them to you here, as he sent them to me. I haven't changed any of the names.

Warning: It's really long, and I haven't bothered to edit out any of the channel chatter. Most of it takes place in Grinding Stone anyway, so there's very little chatter to cut out. (It's quite possible that Zazelby made up the whole log, but it sounds like authentic Mike to me, so I'll let you be the judge)

[6:50pm] Adran: {The inn doors open and in steps a man wrapped tightly in a thin cloak. A hood covers his face. he walks slow, staggering. He makes his way to the bar and sits. He slumps over. a scratchy voice speaks in a staggering tone} it coming. {He sticks out a pale hand, shakingly. the flesh is as white as a ghost. He keeps the cloak tight around him so that his face cannot be seen.}
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[6:53pm] Adran: {the coinage plus tips clank on the bar top as the man pays. his shaking hand rests on the edge of the bar. His body, visibly trembles. He waits for his order. As the steaming hot tea comes his way he lifts it to his masked lips. As he sips the hot liquid he coughs and sputters. He lifts a rag to his mouth and swallows the liquid.}
[6:54pm] Zarak: {A sound of Quadbow blasts were heard going off in the kitchen}
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[6:56pm] Adran: lifts his gaze from under the hood. instantly he moves off his stool. BUT he moves still staggering, he tries to keep it under control but it isnt exactly working to well. He walks to the doorway of the kitchen and parts the door enough to look in but nothing noticeable.
[6:56pm] Zarak: {The scene changes, showing Baiganx running across some narrow rocky path, with a deep ravine all around and bubbling molten lava far below. He was firing a Quadbow at several Diaboli, each falling from one hit, then he reached a series of platforms, moving up and down in motion. Baiganx paused at each, timing his jump and getting across them, reaching to a door. He stopped and said "Using Key" and the door opened} ((More))
[6:57pm] Zarak: {The scene continued, showing Baiganx entering a throne room, where Galadore just suddenly..appeared. Galadore flung back his cape, saying}:So you have entered my lair General..for the final battle! {Baiganx's Quadbow vanished, Thunderquake appearing in his hands as he spoke}:For YOUR final battle. {They charged, clashing blades till Baiganx suddenly stopped in mid action, and Galadore decaptiated him. Galadore started laughing, and the view panned back} ((more))
[6:58pm] Zarak: {It showed Nook, Runamuck and Spazz gathered in front of a Cloud Nine Manacasting viewer, holding small controllers, hooked into a small unit, with a square attachment on the top reading as "Imperia Legends". On the screen showed Galadore laughing and the words "Game Over" flashed. Runamuck grumbled and started hitting the controller}:Itsa froze on me!
[6:58pm] Zarak: {Adran would of course see this in the kitchen}
[7:00pm] Adran: {the sickly man, wrapped in his cloak made his way inside the kictchen and cast his gaze to the three gremlins. Shakily he kneeled down behind them, his voice still shaking.} three. What have capt--*he coughs* captured your attention?
[7:02pm] Zarak: {Nook pointed at the Manacasting unit, as Runamuck restarted the game. Spazz was cramming his mouth full of popcorn and watching, the three gremlins lounging on the kitchen floor}:Runamuck gets game but can never get past final level. {Runamuck restarts the game, yelling}:The games is RIGGED! Its CHEATS!
[7:03pm] Adran: chuckles painfully but then coughs, "May..." He coughs again, "I watch?"
[7:04pm] Zarak: {Nook glances up}:Thissa kitchen. Only staff can be in here. {Spazz yells, amid a full mouth of popcorn}:And youse NO gets my jumping corn!
[7:07pm] Adran: nods, he rises, bracing himself against a counter, "Have fun then." He wraps his cloak around him then makes his way back into the inn area to sit down and drink more tea.
[7:12pm] Adran: shakes constantly as he brings the hot fluid to his lips. each taste, a cough escapes his lips and he has to cover his mouth to keep from sputtering the liquid onto the bar.
[7:15pm] Adran: looks to the tender, "I will have another pot in a little bit..." He coughs and rises from his stool. He makes his way to a booth and sits down, covering himself in the cloak and looking out a window. his pale reflection rests in the window.


[8:55pm] Zazelby: i forgot i still had this opened. how long have i been here?
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[8:58pm] Zazelby: was that a video game being played in tbi?
[8:58pm] Adran: Yes
[9:00pm] Zazelby: is there a word stronger than 'flabbergasted'?
[9:01pm] Adran: Why?
[9:01pm] Adran: Why would you be flabbergasted?
[9:02pm] Zazelby: high fantasy setting + video games = flabbergasted
[9:02pm] Zazelby: its as if the power rangers showed up in the middle of the lord of the rings movies.
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[9:03pm] Adran: That sounds rather rude.
[9:03pm] Tails joined the chat room.
[9:04pm] Zarak: Extremely
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[9:04pm] Zarak: Apparently Zazelby you have not sat down and ACTUALLY read the site
[9:05pm] Adran: refrains from ripping for the time being
[9:05pm] Zazelby: ... which page of the website mentions the video games?
[9:05pm] Zarak: restrains himself
[9:06pm] Adran: How about the part that says Zarak is the owner and he can do as he wishes?
[9:06pm] Zazelby: i mean no offense. the website is huge. its like saying "you havent read the whole encyclopedia britannica, have you?"
[9:06pm] Zarak: Before I really hurt you?
[9:06pm] Adran: I was the one involved and I found it rather fun.
[9:06pm] Zarak: Glad someone did
[9:07pm] Zazelby: i dont know how its rude to say that im surprised by an incongruous element in the roleplay
[9:07pm] Zarak: Heaven forbid I put Zazel in a Plot with he will be bitching then
[9:07pm] Zarak: wanders off
[9:07pm] angel[sleep]face: Zazelby, I'm curious as to -WHY- you find that incongruous.
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[9:08pm] Parsolamew: pounces Nicole and kisses her to death!
[9:09pm] angel[sleep]face: I mean.. this is a high fantasy stetting, there is tons of technology, people -do- enjoy games, there is nothing to det----*is kissed to death.. but keeps talking between kissing her angel* ... nothing to deter video games from existing. Why is this such a problem. Or shock?
[9:09pm] Adran: Hey Zazelby, have you by anychance played FF7 by anychance? If so, did you like it? Or pretty much any other fantasy game that has been released. Most have what you call a mini game. Nook, Spazz, and Runamuck played a said mini game
[9:10pm] angel[sleep]face: I mean... if this was like... a medieval setting, I could see the issue with it. But with this being the kind of setting it is, I am rather surprised that this -hasn't- happend before now.
[9:10pm] Zazelby: ive played the whole series. and a video game would be appropriate in.. some of them. i wouldn't expect to see a nintendo console in ff1, ff2, ff3, or ff9, for example.
[9:11pm] Krystal^Tears: pokes nico
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[9:12pm] angel[sleep]face: Think of this setting more like ff8 then. *smiles innocently*
[9:12pm] angel[sleep]face: -They- had video games. :)
[9:12pm] Zarak: Good one Nicole
[9:12pm] Adran: grins
[9:12pm] Anduril: .me has a character that is technically building the equivalent of a -big- video game :)
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[9:12pm] Anduril: has a character that is technically building the equivalent of a -big- video game :)
[9:12pm] Zarak: Thank you Justin
[9:12pm] angel[sleep]face: laughs at Justin. :P
[9:13pm] Zazelby: im just confused. again. this seems to happen a lot. :(
[9:14pm] angel[sleep]face: I just don't see why you're confused.
[9:14pm] Zazelby: i was told my character couldn't have any magic items because they were really rare and special. and here magic is being shown as commonplace and used for entertainment.
[9:14pm] angel[sleep]face: Uhm, no. You were not.
[9:14pm] Zarak: were not.
[9:14pm] angel[sleep]face: You were told that new characters/players were not allowed to have high level magic, and special items that were overlt powerful.
[9:15pm] angel[sleep]face: There is a big difference.
[9:15pm] Zarak: Yep
[9:15pm] Zarak: Huge difference
[9:15pm] angel[sleep]face: And if you -were- told that, I would like to know a name of the person that told you that.
[9:15pm] Parsolamew: likes firefox more each time he uses it.
[9:15pm] Zarak: And besides your a new player..who is having trouble grasping the basic concepts
[9:15pm] angel[sleep]face: uses it all the time. ;)
[9:15pm] Zazelby: and a +1 magic sword is too powerful? because that's all i wanted.
[9:15pm] Parsolamew: More news as events warrant.
[9:15pm] Krystal^Tears: prays that it doesn't start again.
[9:15pm] Krystal^Tears: cries as my prayers were in vain.
[9:15pm] Zarak: For a new player who doesn't seem to have a grasp of it? Yeah
[9:15pm] Krystal^Tears was demoted from operator by Krystal^Tears.
[9:15pm] angel[sleep]face: Where did you ever request a +1 sword?
[9:16pm] angel[sleep]face: +1 what?
[9:16pm] angel[sleep]face: We don't use stats in here, Zazelby
[9:16pm] Zarak: +1?!?
[9:16pm] Zazelby: i didnt use those words. i said a weak magic sword'.
[9:16pm] angel[sleep]face: Where?
[9:16pm] Zazelby: what do you mean, 'where'? i don't have every conversation memorized.
[9:16pm] Adran: Hey shall we take this to GS and play there?
[9:17pm] Adran: Zazelby: logs
[9:17pm] Zarak: Nah..this is fine here.
[9:17pm] Adran: Ok Mike.
[9:17pm] angel[sleep]face: So you didn't submit it in a character sheet then?
[9:18pm] Zazelby: i was told repeatedly before i submitted not to put it in so i didnt
[9:18pm] angel[sleep]face: By -who-?
[9:19pm] Zazelby: i dont remember. esticia was there. maybe she remembers.
[9:19pm] angel[sleep]face: laughs.
[9:20pm] angel[sleep]face: It's not far-fetched that you would be advised not to request magic items being a new player. And if I recall correctly, you were told that, but for reasons totally different to the manner in which you are using them.
[9:20pm] angel[sleep]face: I believe I recall Parsolamew telling you that you should definitely not submit anything magical since your character was going to have to start in TBI.
[9:20pm] angel[sleep]face: Er, AMI.
[9:20pm] Zarak: AMI
[9:21pm] angel[sleep]face: SPECIFICALLY because you have to have a license to use magic, and the kind of character you were trying to make would have had the RS all over them.
[9:22pm] Adran: You craved power and magic, true enjoyment of RP is not in power, it is knowing your character. I have played in TBI and AMI and I even just submitted a character for AMI only because I like the species, power means absolutely nothing, you do not enjoy it if your character does not earn it
[9:22pm] Parsolamew: You know, I like Chris' suggestion about moving this to GS.
[9:23pm] Zarak: He DID seem preoccupied with power when I first met him
[9:23pm] Zazelby: first met me? i dont think you said anything to me before today
[9:23pm] Zazelby: oh right the other day
[9:23pm] Zarak: Yep
[9:26pm] Zazelby: ive tried to rp in aaronmist inn, but nothing ever happens in there. not just nothing exciting, i mean nothing at all. last time i did anything in there nobody answered me even though lots of other people were in the room.
[9:26pm] Zarak: Plenty happens there
[9:27pm] angel[sleep]face: Alright, a GS call was made. So nothing more about it in here.
[9:27pm] Zazelby: checks backscroll. other than two people going in there today and being likewise not answered, nothing has happened there in days. not a single ic word.
[9:27pm] angel[sleep]face: {/belated}


[9:28pm] Zarak: [19:57] * Ravenica walks into the tavern and crosses to the bar. She is dressed in a heavy blue cloak that covers a lump on her back, clearly her lute.
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[9:28pm] Zarak: [19:57] * SkilletBot sets mode: +v Ravenica
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[9:28pm] Zarak: [20:15] * SkilletBot sets mode: -v Ravenica
[9:28pm] Zarak: [20:31] * Zazelby checks backscroll. other than two people going in there today and being likewise not answered, nothing has happened there in days. not a single ic word.
[9:28pm] Zarak: Care to recount your statement?
[9:29pm] Zarak: Ravenica did..*counts* 27 single ic words.
[9:30pm] Zazelby: OTHER THAN TWO PEOPLE GOING IN THERE TODAY and being likewise not answered, nothing has happened in there in days.
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[9:30pm] Zarak: Going in and making a post are different things...and you said, "not a single ic word"
[9:34pm] Zazelby: calms himself. deep breath. okay, let me start again. there has been no activity in there, other than ravenica walking in and being ignored, and trebian walking in, talking to himself, and being likewise ignored. nobody else has said a word.
[9:34pm] Adran: bites his lip
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[9:35pm] Zarak: Guess what? Start it
[9:35pm] Zarak: If you sit and wait for others..then you will be sorely disappointed.
[9:35pm] Zarak: Want constant RP? Try another channel
[9:35pm] Zarak: [20:15] * SkilletBot sets mode: -v Ravenica
[9:35pm] Zarak: [20:37] * Ravenica sits down at the bar and orders a water
[9:35pm] Zarak: [20:37] * SkilletBot sets mode: +v Ravenica
[9:35pm] Zarak: SEE!
[9:35pm] Zarak: Now either RP or bitch
[9:35pm] Zazelby: i did. the other night. i walked in, i started conversations with people (including npcs), got no response from anyone, and left.
[9:36pm] Zazelby: icly left, that is. stayed in there oocly to see if it picked up. it never did.
[9:37pm] Adran: Mike, may I show him how it is done? I submitted a character for AMI and pending approval I can start whenever
[9:37pm] Zazelby: finds.. hey, this program has autologging. lemme check.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:11am] Zazelby: Halford is 6' tall and very broad-shouldered. He's wearing rough farming clothes in dull brown and off-green, sinched at the waist by a ragged leather belt. He's got a square jaw, messy black hair, and a kindly face. On his belt hangs a slightly battered but still usable sickle, carefully covered with an improvised sheathe so it doesn't stab him in the leg when he walks.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:11am] You were granted voice by SkilletBot.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:13am] Zazelby: takes large strides into the common room, his voice booming over the conversations "Ale! By Krondor's beard, searching for work in this city is more difficult searching for a needle in a haystack! Which I used to have to do when my mother tried to sew near the barn!" An explosion of laughter follows, in time to take his seat at the bar, a mug of ale being slid in front of him.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:18am] Zazelby: looks left, then looks right, then drops his voice (meaning it's now at normal conversational levels instead of a bellow ;it's clear Zazelby thinks he's whispering, though), addressing the barkeep. "So, anything new about these disappearances? Any.... information?" Subtle, isn't he?
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[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:44am] Lyncor joined the chat room.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:44am] Zarak|AFK joined the chat room.
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[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:48am] Tails is now known as Grellen.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:49am] Zazelby: frowns at the silent barkeep. Was he ignoring him? Was the man deaf? Did he cross some social line and wander into the land of taboos? Zazelby shakes his head. "Fine, have it your way, then. But I only ask twice!" He guffaws, and leans back in his seat, dropping into a contemplative silence.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [12:49am] You were granted voice by SkilletBot.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: [01:01am] Zazelby: finishes his drink and stands, fighting a scowl. Okay, I'll go look for those disappearing whatchamahoosits myself then, he thinks, as he heads for the door. With one last boistrous "And to all a good night", he's gone.
[9:38pm] Zazelby: there we go. over the course of an hour, i tried to rp, and nobody answered.
[9:39pm] Zazelby: i can only do so much by myself. :(
[9:39pm] Zarak: Ok let me get this straight..
[9:39pm] Zarak: Ravenica is NOW RPing..
[9:39pm] Adran: Dude...Krondor is metal...he ain't got no bear. he is a walking Mach3 razor
[9:39pm] Zarak: So you are, instead, bitching? Wow
[9:39pm] Zarak: Makes her look good..makes you look bad
[9:40pm] Zazelby: so let me get this straight...
[9:40pm] Zarak: And since when did Krondor have a beard?
[9:41pm] Zazelby: .. never mind. i see this is not going to go well.
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[9:41pm] Adran: shakes his head, "Nope."
[9:42pm] Zazelby: theres been no rp in tehre for five days even though i tried to start some, but thats clearly my fault, so i should stop bitching.
[9:42pm] angel[sleep]face: ..... wait, wait, wait.
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[9:42pm] Zazelby: should i play the barkeep next time, too? everyone else seems to run npcs.
[9:42pm] angel[sleep]face: Zazelby...
[9:42pm] angel[sleep]face: YOU NPC the Barkeep... you know that, right?
[9:42pm] angel[sleep]face: I mean.... you don't have to say your character is being ignored...
[9:43pm] angel[sleep]face: facedesks
[9:43pm] angel[sleep]face: Tell me you didn't notice everyone else playing the barkeep. Make me believe it.
[9:43pm] Zarak: Which was covered ON the site. :)
[9:43pm] angel[sleep]face: You never once realized that everyone plays the barkeep?
[9:43pm] Zarak: [20:12] * Krystal^Tears walked up to the bar smiling at a table with two men who whistled as she passed the table. She ordered a mug of seavale from the tender and sat down on a stool at the bar.
[9:43pm] Zarak: [20:14] * Adran walks over to the bar, as he passes the two men staggeringly he "accidentally" whacks them on the back of the head and staggers to Krystal. Still tightly wrapped in his cloak he sits near her shaking. he puts the tea pot and cup on the counter, "Tes..." he says shiveringly. His voice, is Adran's
[9:43pm] angel[sleep]face: And yes, people run NPCs.
[9:43pm] Zazelby: i could, yes. its against all the rules of rp, but i could. i could also npc the barkeep telling me what i want to know, and going off and saving the country from the people causing the disappearances (by npcing them, too), but i think that'd be overstepping my bounds.
[9:44pm] angel[sleep]face: .....
[9:44pm] Zarak:'s against the rules? News to me
[9:44pm] angel[sleep]face: twitches.
[9:44pm] Zazelby: i was trying to get into the plot by asking a gm-run character about things.
[9:44pm] angel[sleep]face: WHO SAID THE BARKEEPS WERE GM-RUN!??!
[9:44pm] Zarak: AMI is where you start..where your abilities are judged and measured by observation.
[9:45pm] Zarak: So far..I'm not liking what I am seeing. And yeah..what angel said
[9:45pm] angel[sleep]face: falls over.
[9:45pm] angel[sleep]face is now known as Angelface.
[9:45pm] Zazelby: and even if i npc'd the barkeep? how does that solve the problem of me talking to myself. talking to myself as two characters is still talking to myself.
[9:46pm] Angelface: Yes. That happens sometimes when other people are... ya know... working or in school.
[9:46pm] Zarak: Yeah
[9:46pm] Angelface: Sometimes you have to RP yourself.
[9:46pm] Angelface: People do it all the time around here.
[9:46pm] Zazelby: those poses are timestamped. it was 1 am, and tbi was active.
[9:46pm] Zarak: Yep
[9:46pm] Angelface: 1am where?
[9:47pm] Angelface: And, again, many people are -asleep- at 1am. :)
[9:47pm] Angelface: And those that aren't, obviously, had TBI characters.
[9:47pm] Zarak: I know I am
[9:47pm] Angelface: :)
[9:47pm] Zazelby: they wree rping in tbi in their sleep then
[9:47pm] Zarak: Some of us have jobs..classes..
[9:47pm] Zarak: Kids
[9:48pm] Adran: Hey Zazelby...Talking to yourself, I went into TBI one day very recently and did a monologue.
[9:48pm] Angelface: Look, Zazelby. We don't like whiners. We like initiative. We like people that understand that RP isn't the one thing around which everyone's life revolves around. People have TBI characters. Did you try saying in the OOC channel, "Hey, RP in AMI if anyone wants to!"
[9:48pm] Angelface: If you pay attention, people say that all the time.
[9:49pm] Zazelby: ... theres an automated message that says that. it kicked in when i started posing.
[9:49pm] Angelface: facepalms.
[9:49pm] Angelface: Do that measn you can't say it?
[9:49pm] Zarak: 273
[9:49pm] Angelface: That means you can't express a desire for others to join you?
[9:50pm] Angelface: Also, you -have- to NPC sometimes. People can't be here 24/7 to satisfy your whims of when you want to RP and have a barkeep talking to you.
[9:50pm] Angelface: If you note, people that RP in TBI go solo many times.
[9:50pm] Zarak: Have you had any prior RP experience?
[9:50pm] Angelface: They play until someone joins in, or they get bored.
[9:51pm] Zazelby: plenty. mostly with a gamemaster running things.
[9:51pm] Zarak: I do ALOT of monologues
[9:51pm] Angelface: And if you don't have someone that you already -know- is there to play the barkeep for you, I'd not ask questions that I know would be powergaming for me to answer.
[9:51pm] Zarak: IRC Channels you have RPed in..respectable channels that is
[9:51pm] Zazelby: not irc, tabletop.\
[9:51pm] Angelface: Well. This isn't D&D, and this isn't some GM-ONLY-RUN-PLOT deal.
[9:51pm] Zarak: Respectable names like Broken Dagger..BlkDragon..
[9:51pm] Angelface: You ahve to improvise on IRC.
[9:51pm] Zarak: Ah..then you have 0 experience
[9:52pm] Angelface: LOOK AT ME!
[9:52pm] Angelface: I can't even type straight!
[9:52pm] Angelface: growls.
[9:52pm] Zarak: 289
[9:52pm] Angelface: Mike... *laughs*.. are you counting words posted in AMI?
[9:52pm] Zarak: 306
[9:52pm] Angelface: laughs!
[9:52pm] Angelface: You are, aren't you!?
[9:52pm] Zarak: Yep. :)
[9:52pm] Zazelby: so how can i get in the plots if i have to play the npcs myself and the gamemasters, the ones running the plots, arent ever actually running the plot?
[9:52pm] Angelface: gigglefits.
[9:53pm] Zarak: How many words of RP done since Zazelby started bitching
[9:53pm] Angelface: You can read the plotboard on the forum. :)
[9:53pm] Angelface: You can speak to OPs, and other players and pay attention in channel.
[9:53pm] Zazelby: yes, and one of those people in there is the person i was telling theres no rp in there. starting rp right after i complain to "prove" me wrong still doesn't erase the fact taht theres been no rp for five whole days.
[9:53pm] Angelface: Hell, while you've been bitching, Parsolamew has been almost begging for people to NPC SK for him
[9:53pm] Zarak: 324
[9:53pm] Angelface: That would have given you something to do.
[9:53pm] Zarak: Yep. :)
[9:54pm] Zarak: You can either whine or do
[9:54pm] Angelface: Ya know...
[9:54pm] Angelface: Ravenica RPs daily.
[9:54pm] Zarak: People who do get far.
[9:54pm] Zarak: People who whine..eventually leave
[9:54pm] Angelface: She's not starting it for your benefit.
[9:54pm] Angelface: Believe me.
[9:54pm] Zarak: Yes she does. She does a wonderful job
[9:54pm] Zazelby: you wont trust me with a guy with a weak magic sword or crossbow, so why would i think youd let me play a member of the largest organization of evil in the entire multiverse? do they only havfe rusty sickles, too?
[9:54pm] Angelface: She's not doing it to "prove" anything.
[9:54pm] Angelface: Zazelby....
[9:54pm] Angelface: bangs her head on the desk.
[9:54pm] Zarak: Zazelby? Common Sense
[9:54pm] Zarak: You play within your limits
[9:55pm] Angelface: Mike, let me for a moment, okay?
[9:55pm] Angelface: takes a deep breath.
[9:55pm] Zarak: 347
[9:55pm] Zarak: Ok
[9:55pm] Angelface: Allow me to post something as far as your last comment, Zazelby.
[9:55pm] Zazelby: i wasnt talking about ravenica, i was talking about zarak and aidan, who only replied to ravenica after i said nobody replied to her.
[9:55pm] Angelface: Whatever.
[9:55pm] Angelface: Anyways.
[9:55pm] Angelface: Your last complaint. About not being trusted with a weak magic sword?
[9:56pm] Angelface: 21:21] {angel[sleep]face} It's not far-fetched that you would be advised not to request magic items being a new player. And if I recall correctly, you were told that, but for reasons totally different to the manner in which you are using them.
[9:56pm] Angelface: [21:22] {angel[sleep]face} I believe I recall Parsolamew telling you that you should definitely not submit anything magical since your character was going to have to start in TBI.
[9:56pm] Zarak: 405
[9:56pm] Angelface: AMI! Read the site about AMI. The RS in Relgard would be on you like flies on shit with magic. You were told to start there. As such, magic is a 'bad' thing.
[9:56pm] Angelface: You, obviously, were not listening to the person that was telling you this.
[9:57pm] Angelface: And I know you did not listen, because I have the logs. :)
[9:57pm] Zazelby: thats good, because i didnt come here for ami. i came here for the high-level epic plots in tbi.
[9:57pm] Angelface: Well, to get to TBI, you have to start small.
[9:57pm] Zarak: Gotta earn your way there first.
[9:57pm] Angelface: Mike!
[9:57pm] Angelface: Shush. :P
[9:57pm] Zarak: Got to show your competent. So far you have not.
[9:57pm] Zarak: And the fin...yes ma'am!
[9:57pm] Angelface: You don't walk into a company and say, "I'm here, and I want to be management."
[9:57pm] Zarak: 434
[9:57pm] Angelface: You have to start at the bottom, and PROVE yourself.
[9:57pm] Angelface: As such, you came here with no experience with IRC RP.
[9:58pm] Angelface: er, IRC RP experience.
[9:58pm] Parsolamew: Am I allowed to comment?
[9:58pm] Parsolamew was granted voice by SkilletBot.
[9:58pm] Angelface: Because of that, yes, we require that you start in AMI until you are aquainted with the setting.
[9:58pm] Angelface: Yes, Ben.
[9:58pm] Zarak: Always
[9:58pm] Zarak: 449
[9:59pm] Parsolamew: Also you acted like a cock. People who are polite, and show they're not here just to be a jerk sometimes get special dispensation on first characters. This would be to forestall any "but (insert person) got to play (insert character) for their first character!" comments.
[9:59pm] Parsolamew: goes back to setting up firefox on his crapass computer.
[9:59pm] Adran: sighs in admiration, "I love Ben."
[10:00pm] Zarak: Uh oh..competition Nicole
[10:00pm] Parsolamew: Nah, I'm being a jerk. I could have phrased that a lot more politely.
[10:00pm] Adran: Amber!
[10:00pm] Parsolamew: Zaz, I'm sorry. I'm frustrated tonight. Please take that as constructive criticism, rather than as an insult. I didn't mean to be an asshole.
[10:00pm] Angelface: bites her lip.
[10:00pm] Angelface: I'll be back in a minute.
[10:00pm] Zarak: Ben has infinite more restraint than I do
[10:01pm] Parsolamew: Ben shouldn't talk when he can't control his tongue.
[10:02pm] Zarak: See Zazel..Imperia is not the beginner spot. We are the best. People have to prove themselves.
[10:03pm] Zazelby: let me get this straight, becasuse the logic is just breaking my head. you cant prove to me that ami is always active all the time by at the same time being the main person keeping it active. ravenica was talking to yourself before you went in there and started rping with her, apparently just to prove me wrong about nobody answering her. is that the case? or do you rp in there all the time and just.. haven't done so for the past week (which is a month icly)?
[10:04pm] Zarak: I KNOW AMI is sufficently active
[10:04pm] Zarak: I KNOW AMI is, right now, active
[10:04pm] Zarak: If you really wanted to, you could of been RPing this entire time
[10:04pm] Zazelby: and i know from my logs that once a week is not sufficiently active, no matter how active it is right now.
[10:04pm] Zarak: I've been here longer than you. I think I know what is "sufficently active"
[10:05pm] Zazelby: so once a week is 'sufficiently active' for you?
[10:05pm] Zarak: Yes. Not enough for you? Try somewhere else
[10:05pm] Zazelby: wait, longer than that. five days ago is when i rp'd with myself and nobody answered. the last time i saw more than one person rping in there was april 14th, the day before tax day.
[10:06pm] Zarak: And I've been here for AMI's entire run
[10:06pm] Zazelby: so once every three weeks is how frequently i should expect rp?
[10:06pm] Angelface: Zazelby?
[10:07pm] Zarak: Yep. Other games in town ace.
[10:07pm] Angelface: If all you are going to do is bitch and complain, rather than be productive and positive, then perhaps this isn't the place for you.
[10:07pm] Zarak: Yep
[10:08pm] Angelface: I'm sorry, but there it is.
[10:08pm] Zazelby: if one scene every month at MOST is all i can expect, im not sure im even really here.
[10:08pm] Angelface: You want people to RP with you, ask. I don't care if there is a bot that tells people that AMI is active.
[10:08pm] Zarak: says ala Jeff Goldblum "Yes yes..there..there it is."
[10:08pm] Angelface: I'm not sure why you are either, currently.
[10:08pm] Zarak: Yes..all we do is one scene a month. You have found us out. :(
[10:09pm] Angelface: People like you that sit back and wait for others to do something, rather than take initiative bother me.
[10:09pm] Angelface: "But I made 2 posts!"
[10:09pm] Zarak: And they piss me off.
[10:09pm] Zarak: And I am the one person here with the LEAST amount of restraint.
[10:09pm] Angelface: Yes. And here is your cookie.
[10:09pm] Zazelby: um... id din't 'find you out'. I just asked you outright whether i should only expect one scene every three weeks, and you just outright said yes
[10:09pm] Angelface: It's saying something if you get me to the point where I say you should leave.
[10:09pm] Zazelby: Zazelby: so once every three weeks is how frequently i should expect rp?
[10:09pm] Zazelby: Zarak: Yep. Other games in town ace.
[10:09pm] Zazelby: right there.
[10:09pm] Zarak: Yep. I did
[10:10pm] Angelface: But you've gotten me to that point. :)
[10:10pm] Zarak: Might I suggest another game instead? Like #kethmar ?
[10:10pm] Zazelby: and i have to prove myself for the active channel by either talking to myself as npcs, or going into scenes that started behing my back when you asked for me to come in here?
[10:10pm] Angelface: You're being a rude little snotty brat. You remind me of my 6 year old when I tell him he can't have a cookie.
[10:11pm] Angelface: Behind your back?
[10:11pm] Angelface: Are you not idling in there?
[10:11pm] Angelface: Are you not capable of stopping this conversation?
[10:11pm] Angelface: Can you not RP -and- talk in here?
[10:11pm] Angelface: Hmm.
[10:11pm] Zazelby: i want to rp in a rp channel. how is that the same as telling a kid he cant have a cookie? unless you hand him the jar first, stick his hand in it, and THEN tell him he cant have a cookie.
[10:11pm] Angelface: That sounds like a problem.
[10:11pm] Zarak: Zazelby..I am ALWAYS aware of what people do here. Your actions have been well documented.
[10:11pm] Adran: makes not that he thinks Zazelby enjoys this arguement more than RP cause he hasnt stiffled himself and RPed
[10:11pm] Angelface: It's almost the same.
[10:11pm] Zarak: Ok..well..if all you want is basic RP.. #kethmar
[10:12pm] Zazelby: what is kethmar?
[10:12pm] Angelface: Except you want us to stick your hand in the jar for you, and hell... even close your fingers around it.
[10:12pm] Angelface: Want us to feed it to you too?
[10:13pm] Angelface: This is -FREEFORM-, Zazelby. This isn't something where people set times to meet and a GM runs a plot.
[10:13pm] Angelface: You have to do some things yourself.
[10:14pm] Angelface: You want to get involved? Then involve yourself on the boards. There are all kinds of things posted on the Forum. As questions, talk to the OPs, talk about things RP related in the OOC channel.
[10:14pm] Zazelby: i dont mind doing things myself, but when those things include the plots, thats a little difficult. unless youre saying i can run my own? i have some dm experience in tabletop.
[10:14pm] Angelface: There are a -million- ways to get involved!
[10:14pm] Angelface: Good Lord.
[10:14pm] Angelface: rubs her face.
[10:15pm] Angelface: Look.
[10:15pm] Angelface: The DEC, under contract from the Damocles Empire, is currently recruiting for a project. Ideal applicants will have a background in critical thinking, be adaptable, and display self-defense skills appropriate for a search and rescue mission in possible hostile territory. DEC Employees will, as always, be given preferrential assignment to this project, but all are welcome to apply. Please note {-next-}
[10:15pm] Angelface: {-cont-} that this is -not- simply a combat mission; skill in problem solving a must. {-end-}
[10:15pm] Angelface: (Reply to this post if interested)
[10:15pm] Angelface: And...
[10:15pm] Angelface: I need a few people for an SK plot. If you've currently got SK characters, and they -don't- command starships/destroy worlds with a thought/run entire batallions of troops, then perhaps they'd be appropriate. Otherwise, it'd just be running some one-shot characters for a plot lasting... probably three or four sessions (call it a week or two). If they're interesting characters, by all means, keep {-next-}
[10:15pm] Angelface: {-cont-} playing them.. Respond here if you're interested. {-end-}
[10:15pm] Angelface: And...
[10:15pm] Angelface: Given SSI's vast holdings in undersea mining, I imagine that the company would want to develop a team of unique individuals with specialized training in undersea exploration, salvage, and a healthy dose of curiousity.
[10:15pm] Angelface: These would be the people that helped Ian track down the primanium meteor that crashed into the ocean. These would be the people that investigate what went wrong when a mining sub goes missing. They'd be a little bit privateer, a little bit scientist, and all about adventure in the great, unexplored expanses of Imperia's oceans.
[10:15pm] Angelface: And...
[10:16pm] Angelface: Do I need to go on?
[10:16pm] Angelface: I mean.... Do you even -read- the forum?
[10:16pm] Zazelby: my character is a farmboy with no combat training or experience. probably illiterite, too. this is not 'specialized training in undersea exploration', or displaying 'self-defense skills appropriate for a search and rescue mission'.
[10:16pm] Parsolamew: and the SK mission?
[10:16pm] Angelface: And one of them was for you to just play an SK character to get some experience!
[10:16pm] Angelface: An NPC!
[10:17pm] Angelface: Did you ever think about talking to Pete about having your farm boy get involved with CS?
[10:17pm] Angelface: It's not so farfetched.
[10:17pm] Zazelby: again, given how much everyone was against me having anything better than an untrained farmboy, i didnt think anyone would want me to play a skadow knight.
[10:17pm] Angelface: Farmboy away from home, needs a job, CS is big in Relgard.
[10:17pm] Angelface: You didn't -think-.
[10:17pm] Angelface: Not once did you ask.
[10:18pm] Parsolamew: Also, the Shadow Knight isn't a character you get to keep. As it says in the post.
[10:18pm] Angelface: Not once did you speak to the people posting these things.
[10:18pm] Adran: I am out. he hurts my head.
[10:18pm] Adran left the chat room.
[10:18pm] Angelface: The SK---- what Ben says.
[10:22pm] Zazelby: fine, then. where do i sign up for sk stuff?
[10:22pm] Angelface: You don't.
[10:22pm] Angelface: You don't deserve it.
[10:22pm] Zarak: Agreed
[10:23pm] Zazelby: ........
[10:23pm] Zazelby: so you shoot your own argument in the foot. "you should play a sk character to get some experience!" "okay, i will" "no you wont!"
[10:23pm] Zazelby: WHAT. CAN. I. RP?
[10:23pm] Zarak: Zaz? I'm making the decisions on this matter
[10:23pm] Zarak: Go RP at #kethmar
[10:23pm] Zarak: D&D based RP
[10:23pm] Zarak: More your speed
[10:25pm] Zazelby: might be. im just not cut out for places that tell me im not allowed to have the character i want, not allowed to rp in the channel i came here specifically to rp in, and tell me that i cant rp in plots they just told me to rp in. instead, you want me to rp in a channel where theyre talking about gay sex.
[10:26pm] Angelface: Zaz?
[10:26pm] Angelface: Leave.
[10:26pm] Angelface: Now.
[10:27pm] Angelface: I've had enough, and it's not worth the time and effort spent arguing.
[10:27pm] Angelface: I've stupidly thrown away time I could have been spending with my boyfriend to try and help you, only to see your completely just.... *shushes*
[10:27pm] Angelface: Honestly. This isn't for you.
[10:27pm] You were kicked from the chat room by Zarak. (Zarak)
[10:28pm] Angelface is now known as Nicole.
[10:28pm] Nicole is now known as Angelface.
[10:30pm] Angelface set a ban on *!*
[10:30pm] set a ban on *!*
[10:30pm] set a ban on *!*
[10:30pm] set a ban on *!jwfq-@*
[10:32pm] Zazelby: i just want an answer to one thing, then ill leave quietly: why did you go out of your way to draw my attention to a plot and suggest i join it, only to immediately tell me i couldnt when i said id try it?
[10:32pm] You were granted voice by SkilletBot.
[10:32pm] You were kicked from the chat room by Parsolamew. (Seriously. Goodbye.)
[11:07pm] You left the chat by being disconnected from the server.

I was thinking of going back, but things like this remind me of why I left.

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