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A pathetic attempt!

Session Start: Tue Oct 05 17:23:48 2004
Session Ident: Zarak
Please advice your players to keep clear of our channel. Thank you.
Zarak is * Imperia
Zarak on @#Imperia
Zarak using The Beasts From The East Server
Zarak End of /WHOIS list.
Anonymous: Who are you?
Zarak: I'm the owner of Imperia
Anonymous: Mike?
Zarak: Correct
Zarak: But my friends call me Michael
Anonymous: My reply has already been shown to the other ops. If you want to hear it, you can see the log. I have no problems with your channel, but the accusations and the clear 'hostility' against my channel are unappreciated.
Anonymous: All I would like is an apology, and for the issue to be recognized as a personal issue between Candyce and yourselves. My channel is not, after all, involved.
Zarak: One of your ops acted in hosility against us. Ops are representatives of channels.
Anonymous: Was that on her LJ, or on the network?
Zarak: Ok..and I can easily give an apology once similar actions by you have been taken be it Candyce's removal as Ops or removal of the offending post by her.
Zarak: She is on as Candyce
Zarak: On the LJ
Anonymous: Candyce will not be removed from ops. I do not control what Candyce posts on her LJ. I have told her to keep matters about the channel and personal problems seperate.
Zarak: Want a direct URL?
Anonymous: Her LJ and Cyra's had nothing to do with myself, until I saw the copyright accusations, and the other insults to my channel.
Zarak: Then you are negilitent in handling your own ops.
Anonymous: THAT is why I contacted you. Not because you people can't get along, but because there were accusations and insults leveled at my channel.
Zarak: Now as stated before..Please advice your players to keep clear of our channel. Thank you.
Anonymous: Mike, I have clearly already read it, AND Cyra's.
Zarak: And she spoke as representative OF your channel.
Anonymous: I will advise my players of nothing regarding Imperia, as they have shown no interest in it anyway, and I don't much care for it myself.
Zarak: As you stated, you won't punish her or remove her. Therefore you clearly, by your actions, support her actions.
Anonymous: Let them see first hand how you people carry yourself.
Zarak: When one of my ops steps out of line..I correct them to preserve relations.
Anonymous: I have, however, informed what few Imperians that were in my channel, that they are welcome there, as they are not representatives of Imperia to us.
Zarak: A shame you cannot do the same.
Zarak: Anyway..good day.
Anonymous: Whatever, Mike. You should not have messaged me. It was a waste of my time.
Zarak: Do I know you?
Zarak: Cause you are calling me "Mike"
Anonymous: But your friends call you Michael.
Anonymous: So apparently not.
Zarak smiles "Apparently not..anyway..have a good day."
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