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The following is a log from X-Men: End Times MUX, from a few years ago. I'd almost forgotten about it until I stumbled across it yesterday. It features a guest who...well, you'll see.

I'm Glaaki in all of these. The name to watch in this excerpt is Loonie1.

[Guests] Glaaki has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "i don't hear anyone else saying im annoying"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "kirk"
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 is just polite. ;)
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk notes for the record, that when the person who says you're being annoying is staff, you technically don't need more. ;)
[Guests] Dave will say it, if you really want. ;)
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "You are annoying :)"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "if your staff why are you not helping me out"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "I'm staff here, L1. I'm not staff at the MUD you got banned."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "so you can still help me with ips cant you"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "You were helped yesterday by another staffer."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "yeah yog-sothoth but people kept giving me different ips so i need is virtual ip"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "What exactly is it that you need, L1?"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "settle down beavis :)"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "If the IP given yesterday didn't work, chances are we won't be able to help you and you'll have to go somewhere else anyway."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "l4 do i look buck toothed to you. no ---- no"
[Guests] Loonie4 thinks you are acting like a real moron and going about this the wrong way if you want help.
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 nods, "Whoever sitebanned you in the first place would probably have to know the addy already anyhow, I'd think."
[Guests] Loonie4 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "ok if you people will give me my virtual ip instead of complamenting me i will be gone quiker please"
[Guests] Loonie3 was reading news and trying to get up to speed on policies
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "l2 what is addy"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "Which is generally what guests do"
[Guests] Glaaki can't see IP addresses. Sorry.
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "If we knew, we'd give it to you, L1. Since we can't give it to you, it follows that we don't know how."
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "No I am sorry I will not comply with your request L1, your the same person who was trying to get the Virtual IP address yesterday after several of us Guests assisted you with giving you information on how to find it out yourself."
[Guests] Glaaki hmms. L1...try typing 'ex me/lastsite'. That should tell you the IP address from which you're connecting right now.
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Not positive that'll work, but it's worth a shot"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "This is your second day of doing this, its getting a bit tiring."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "l2 and l3 yes but im looking for virtual ip and it's not listed in winipcfg"
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "The only discussion I know of on How To Siteban is at, G1. If it's not there, I doubt anyone here can tell you how to find it."
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "And even that discussion is at the very bottom of a very long manual on setting up TinyMUX."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "i need to be unbanned not banned. ok. i dont need doubkle banning cause this is public computer and ill be ---=---"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "And honestly...if you've been sitebanned from somewhere, you're probably better off taking the hint and moving on than anything else. Granted, I don't know the whole story, but regardless of whether you're in the wrong or not, it's probably not worth the grief you'll put yourself (not to mention everyone else involved) through in fighting it. Just chalk them off as not worth your time and find somewhere else to play."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "ima."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "gona"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "crasha"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "his mud"
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "It takes the same numbers to get yourself unbanned as it takes to get yourself banned, I'm sure. Besides, like I said, whoever banned you in the first place already knows that virtual IP addy, whatever it is. And Glaaki's quite right, imho.""
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "if he not unban me"
[Guests] Loonie2 has left this channel.
[Guests] Loonie3 has left this channel.
[Guests] Glaaki says, "In that case, I daresay you're on you're own, so far as I'm concerned. I certainly won't be party to crashing someone else's game."
[Guests] Dave rolls his eyes.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "im leaving and coming back some other time magnus, that name pisses me the fuck off ima gona go to cartoon network or toonami and play mission to namek"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Enjoy"
[Guests] Dave says, "Put the crack pipe down, my man. You wanna crash his game, that's your business. Stupid waste of time, if you ask me, but waste your time however you want. They already told you how to get your IP addy, you don't do it, its your own fault."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "what is the definition to addy. USE ENGLISH BEFOER I SLAP SOMEONE WITH A DICTIONAERY"
[Guests] Dave smirks.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "hey i got somer kinda note howda read it"
[Guests] Dave says, "+help bbread"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk suggests before slapping someone with it, you should look it over a little yourself. ;)
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "ok kirk that was funny you just brighrtened me up a little fo hope in meself"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Free advice, L1: You'll get a lot more help by being polite than by being rude. Shouting at us and insulting us makes us less willing to help you, not more. You've already been given several suggestions as to how to discover your IP address. If those suggestions aren't working for you, that's one thing. If you can't be bothered to try them and would rather just shout at us, that's quite another."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "ok then tell me how to find my virtual ip friend"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Did you try typing 'ex me/lastsite'?"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "hold on"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "let me try"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "glaaki it wont work whats next"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "In that case, I'm not sure what to tell you. As I said, I can't see IP addresses myself."
[Guests] Dave says, "Do you still have a character on the game you were banned on?"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "no i deleted him when i was banned"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "oh wait i have a level 2 character named killer"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "i still have a character in there why"
[Guests] Dave says, "Because the admin that banned you can pull your addy from that character, if he wants to unban you."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "oh my god thank you yes ill write him a note telling him that and ill be unbanned yes thank you goodbye"
[Guests] Loonie1 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie1 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk thanks Dave.
[Guests] Loonie1 has disconnected.
[Guests] Dave hehs.
[Guests] Glaaki grins. And can't possibly fathom why such a pleasant and articulate fellow would have been banned in the first place.
[Guests] Dave has this image of him getting banned at every game he stops in, trying to get back onto that first one.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk knows 20 notes sent to me would certainly make me decide to unban him. Really.
[Guests] Nox has connected.
[Guests] Loonie1 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk waves.
[Guests] Glaaki waves
[Guests] Loonie1 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk waves.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "Oh, you're a returning loonie. ;)"


[Guests] Loonie1 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk waves.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "im back kirk"
[Guests] Loonie2 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "permision denied. permission denied. permission denied. permission denied. permission denied. permision denied. permision denied"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "So, why are you complaining to us?"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "im in denial. get it"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "Yer annoying get it?"
[Guests] Loonie1 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 rejoices.
[Guests] Dave has left this channel.
[Guests] Loonie1 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk Waves
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Greets."
[Guests] Loonie2 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie2 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk waves.
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 waves :)
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "Hey Kirk? Do you have to submit an app for a mortal type person?"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk says, "Yes, though we're easier on it."
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "Is it still the same 7 to 10 day waiting period?"
[Guests] Helpstaff Kirk nods.
[Guests] Loonie3 neverminds.
[Guests] Loonie4 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie4 has disconnected.
[Guests] Kirk has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 has joined this channel.

Now he's Loonie3

[Guests] Loonie4 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 waves to L3 and L4. :)
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "oooh i changed everything ph3 address, you name it and im still banned how is that possible"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "not fair"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Well, like I said before, you're probably better off moving on. You don't need 'em."
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "is there a way to change your ip"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "or override a sytem"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Why is it you were banned, anyway?"
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 shakes his head, "Your IP address is assigned to you by your ISP. I wouldn't recommend trying to change it."
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "for fighting and clling names with each other cause i was slayed for spamming and i didn't like and i was unable to do damage and i was cusing and calling names with each other. me and magnus was."
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Frankly, if you've been banned by this other game, I'm not particularly inclined to help you get around it, even if such a thing were possible. Nothing against you, or them, but it's their game, and they have every right to determine who may and may not connect there."
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "And if you're thinking about doing sneaky-type stuff to try and get back on that MUD... I -strongly- wouldn't recommend it. You're talking illegal stuff right there, and even if I knew anything that might do it, no way I'd pass it on. It's an ethical thing. ;)"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "im not that dumb. i don't wana spend life in jail"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "or prison"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "how do people create these muds maybe i can make one"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "how much it cost"
[Guests] Loonie4 has left this channel.
[Guests] Yog-Sothoth says, "Loonie3, do you have a few years of Unix experience? If not, you cannot make a MUD."
[Guests] Loonie5 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "ima gona attempt to change my ip ok"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "To get the software, nothing. (I'm not sure where to get the MUD server software offhand, but I'm sure a quick web search would turn it up.) Getting it hosted somewhere would be another matter...some places will charge, some won't."
[Guests] Loonie5 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "yog what is unix exp"
[Guests] Skids has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "by people im changing my ip. OK"
[Guests] Loonie3 has disconnected.
[Guests] Glaaki says, "Maybe we'll all be especiallly fortunate and he'll reduce his computer to a smoking cinder :)"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "I'll never understand that Loonie."
[Guests] Skids sticks her nose in, and wavies, "I figure another place to chat couldn't hurt :)"
[Guests] Glaaki grins
[Guests] Loonie3 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "see ya"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "bye bye bye"
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "people wandering how is did it ha ha ha"
[Guests] Loonie3 has disconnected.
[Guests] Skids could wager a guess. "It's not hard if you are on an ISP with dynamic ip addressing. *snicker* He's kinda cute in a loud and insane sort of way."
[Guests] Nox says, "I think we have different definitions of cute. ;)"
[Guests] Loonie2 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie2 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Nox has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie4 has joined this channel.

Now he's Loonie4

[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 waves :)
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "i've had it im not moving from this chair until i get a letter from magnus saying im unbanned even if i have to sit here for a week or a month"
[Guests] Loonie5 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "i hate him. i hate him. i hate him."
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2 says, "If you're so fed up about it, why are are you obsessing over it?"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "caussssssssseeeeeee"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "iiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm"
[Guests] Skids says, "Who's Magnus?"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "piiiiiiiiiisssssssseeeeeeeedddd"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "An immortal who banned him from a MUD for spamming and cursing at him."
[Guests] Skids ahs and noddles.
[Guests] Macavity Loonie2, in a Monty Python accent, "You're a loony...."
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "he is the im trying to contact to get him from unbanning me from and i know hes in the mud"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "to unban me"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "hu hu hu hu"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "if"
[Guests] Glaaki sighs. "In all honesty...exactly how likely do you think it is that this Magnus fellow is going to unban you? I'm not asking whether you think he *should*, but do you really think he will?"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "theres"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "one"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "thing"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "i want"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "is"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "to watch"
[Guests] Glaaki says, "And please stop that."
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "magnus"
[Guests] Skids says, "Well, if he banned you for spamming, I wouldn't see why :)"
[Guests] Loonie1 chuckles.
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "bew killed"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "by the way what is spamming"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Now Loonie4, I really do not think that is the nicest thing to say."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Spamming. There are really so many definitions of spamming."
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "ooooooo ihad it ill end this right here and now im gonna turn this computer into grubble junk by tearing it apart and beating the crap outa it bye all forever"
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "That won't solve your problems."
[Guests] Skids suggests a hammer.
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "it will for me"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "im getting my bat"
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "here we go bye bye"
[Guests] Loonie4 has disconnected.
[Guests] Loonie3 Rachel consults her abnormal book and imitates freud, "it sounds to me as if you are having intense frustration after being rejected by a fatherly figure, obviously an example of the Edipus complex. Tell me, were you potty trained at a late age?" (joke only)
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Okay..."
[Guests] Loonie1 says, "Ten to one he'll be back."
[Guests] Loonie4 has joined this channel.
[Guests] Loonie3 says, "you winn the pot"
[Guests] Loonie1 chuckles, and rakes in his winnings.
[Guests] Loonie4 says, "wow this is cool my computer board is busted and the monitors dentied to crap im ganno continue this"

There may be more, but I have to track it down, and I think this all captures the gist of it quite well.
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