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Worst. Buildapp. EVAR.

Note that not only does he want to build a grand total of FOUR bathrooms (for the MUX un-savvy, that's a HUGE waste of space. People don't often RP in bathrooms) but at the time that this app was sent in, the character's resources were a grand total of oh, $200 bucks. Yeah, you can get your evil-freezing DOJO built for two hundred bucks, SURE.

1 From: J**** At: Fri Feb 12 09:45:41 1999
Fldr : 2 Status: Read Safe

Subject: Building Project App: Gym
Hi, well, I'm new, and my character needs SOME place to stay. :)
Note: He's going to be enchanting where he stays/works against evil if he can. Specifically, it'll freeze the first person with evil intentions, such as torching the gym itself, and leave them for Jayce
to do something with. It can also be considered HOLY GROUND specifically once he sets up his minor little temple in the near-middle of the place. (Hey, I got Enchantments in my Magic Skill, along with Rituals. Gotta use that for /something/.)

Building Contract App:
1) Jayce/Avatar
2) Undecided. So far, I'm thinking on calling it 'Dragon Gym' since it's owned by a partial dragon.
3) It'll give something for the crimelords to worry about, specifically the mystic-based ones, and a place for all that's pretty much safe do to Enchantments and Rituals.
4) 33 total @quota.
What I have planned is the front room with a set of shower/locker rooms (men and women) and a dojo linked in. From there, it would have an exit up as stairs to a livinr room, then a bedroom with a private bathroom, a dining room with a second bathroom linked to it, a spare bedroom from the dining room, and a temple linked to the living room area.
6) I have built past projects including caves and full-scale small buildings. I usually put in +views, places, and other things of interest.
Anything that's a suggestion is welcome. You can see some of my work at Marvel: X-Treme if you page me as Zackary Taylor/Zackary/Emerald or Thomas/Solar Knight. You are welcome to ask here, too. Thank you.
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