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Quick Reply to Mike (since I know he reads this)

Sorry, Mike, I was going to post this on your journal (since you've mentioned me specifically twice now), but you've got it all locked up, even though there's only one entry that non-friends can post on....

Love you, Mikey. Always have, always will. I started out my RP career listening to stories about you, and you're definitely a nigh-mythic figure in my mind. ^_^

We know it's tough being an internet celebrity, especially when you don't really seem to understand what you're famous for, so we'll cut you some slack. What you're doing is probably for the wisest in regards to your own mental health, and we can't fault you for that!

We'll miss you, but I think I can say with certainty that we're all glad you're trying to lead a happier life. :)

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