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More Einzehn Is a Psychopath!

The completely uneditted log! It got him @booted. It also proved he's a fucking nutcase

[Public] Strand says, "And we need a new pope, now."
[Public] Rael has left this channel.
[Public] Quentin has joined this channel.
[Public] Naamah says, "Oh shit, he died?"
[Public] Naamah says, "I mean, I knew it was coming..."
[Public] Isabelle says, "Yeah he died about a half hour ago."
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn nods, "Thats what I just heard."
[Public] Isabelle says, "They just announced it."
[Public] Naamah says, "Mm."
[Public] Naamah says, "Well, I'm not Catholic and not a big organized religion person, but I extend my sympathies to anyone here in mourning."
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "Going to miss him, he was one of the best Popes."
Kesselring has connected.
[Public] Naamah says, "Well, no crusades. That's always a plus."
[Public] Isabelle says, "Eh. He was a good pope, I dunno he was one of the bests. He's certainly one of the only ones most people remember."
[Public] Leander says, "Thank god that techno-zombie assassin of a man.."
[Public] Isabelle says, "I want them to appoint that black guy. I like him."
[Public] Leander says, "Ahem.."
[Public] Leander says, "I mean."
[Public] Leander says, "Black guy?"
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "I'd rather see them appoint Ratzinger."
[Public] Leander says, "There's a black guy?.. That would be cool."
[Public] Isabelle says, "I want a pope that embraces female priests and gay marriage!"
[Public] Naamah says, "They will never appoint a black Pope."
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "That ain't gonna happen"
[Public] Naamah hifives Isabelle. "Woo!"
[Public] Isabelle says, "They appointed a female pope once! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!"
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "They might appoint a black pope."
Kesselring has left.
[Public] Naamah says, "They didn't -really- appoint a female pope, did they?"
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "And they never appointed a female pope, thats an urban legend on par with Maria Monk and the Chronicles of the Elders of Zion"
[Public] Naamah says, "It was like a weird fluke thing."
[Public] Isabelle says, "they totally did. Stoned her in the streets."
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "And the holocausts never happened, right, Is?"
[Public] Lolth says, "Ein, folks, *ahem*."
[Public] Naamah says, "I can't say he was one of the best. He's the only one we... HOW is that in any way related?"
[Public] Isabelle says, "I think you're the one saying things never happened, Einzehn."
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "What she's saying is equal to it, Lolth."
[Public] Lolth casts the Glare at people. "Can we get back to MUSHy stuff?"
[Public] Isabelle says, "'re psycho :P"
[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, "Bloody bigot."
Rokvald has arrived.
From afar, Quentin ...
[Public] Isabelle says, "How is me saying there was a female pope saying there wasn't a holocaust?"
[Public] Lolth boots. "Simmer down folks."
[Public] Naamah says, "Er, no. She's saying that there was a female pope. You're likening it to the deaths of millions of people in an ethnic cleansing. My apologies, Lolth. *hops back IC*"
[Public] Isabelle says, "Lolth is my hero."
Alaric says "...Dude, did she boot him for real? HA!"
[Public] Lolth says, "It is not a perma-ban or anything. It was for 'cool down', so don't go dancing yet."
Tzurany says "Eh?"
[Public] Isabelle says, "Naamah, you can google it. There's a story of them appointing a female pope that ended up giving birth in a parade once so they stoned her to death cause no one knew it was a she. They say it's why the new pope always has to sit on a seat with no middle, so they can make SURE it's a guy from then on. It's not confirmed or anything, but I think it's probably likely."
[Public] Lolth says, "There are some serious doubts on that theory, though."
[Public] Isabelle says, "Oh yeah, but I think it's -really- interesting story."
Alila says "?"
You say "I said there might've been a female pope once and Einzehn said I was claiming the holocaust never existed and called me a bigot."
You say "So Lolth booted him!"
[Public] Naamah says, "Thank you, Lolth. I sing your praises and frolic merrily in your name."
Alila says "..."
[Public] Lolth says, "I have an article about it in this science magazine, which argues very convincingly that the chances are that it never happened. Nonetheless, we should go back to pondering how you folks are gonna survive this invasion in the MUSH, heh heh heh."
Alila says "I'm not following that logic."
[Public] Strand has yet to see anything to be afraid of. :)
Alila says "Though I suspect no one is. ;)"
Tzurany says "That is the craziest thing I've heard him say yet."
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