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I'm A WackJob!

I can't believe we've never posted about spook205 here.

This guy consistantly apps characters that are...basically the same thing. Lawful Good, emotionally stunted, and characters who drive everyone else fucking crazy because they're so stupid.

His first character, Pelv, was an elf who had torn his ears off and hated all elves and went around telling all the elves on the grid he was going to kill them. He said this to an elf who happened to have a half-giant as a boyfriend and then got upset when said boyfriend 'picked on him'.

This character was very quickly dropped and he complained everyone the grid hated him.


His next character was Einzehn. I don't even know what the fuck he is cause I don't really care, but every scene he's in her bemoans not being able to understand emotion. This while hanging all over the token TS whore with purple eyes, a huge rack and the morals of a virgin. Seriously. Every single scene. He throws out huge poses about how his crazy father kept him sheltered from the world and he finds everything illogical, blah blah, oh he'll just go home with Lady Alina who can show him the ways of True Love which are apparently found between her legs.


Malgum is the latest. He's a paladin that goes around complaining loudly about how the gods don't exist and if they did they would've HELPED HIM SAVE HIS SISTER WHO WAS BRUTALLY RAPED BY ELVES BUT THEY DIDN'T AND THEN HE WAS RAPED BY HIS DOG AND HIS FATHER AND HIS OWN FIST OMFG IT IS TRAGIC : (

Seriously. Every pose. Someone raped. It got so bad that the highfather of one of the temples slapped him with a curse/blessing thing so he couldn't talk badly about the gods anymore. Einzehn got sent off grid to 'guard a portal' because he drives everyone bugfuck crazy.

And then you read his livejournal. And he's a god damn psychopath. He only plays Lawful Good characters because they're all versions of him. And when you consider he once said the perfect woman was one who was dead and stuffed with straw, that makes him god damn crazy. I had a conversation (read: screaming fight) one night with him when he was new, because he was saying on the Public channel that all Muslims were evil and needed to be destroyed. And we just couldn't understand that because we didn't have Jesus in our hearts. Eventually the Headwiz stepped in, made him take it to pages and basically told him to shut the fuck up.

I wish I had some logs, but the livejournal really speaks for itself. I like the post where he comes down on bahimiron for believing his ideas to be Evil when they're only Different and Right.

I like this quote:

I keep meeting the same kind of people who make me want to just stop MUSHing in general, the folks who presumably attend the Women's Studies Courses or have Darwin Fish on their cars because it shakes up the "squares".

OMFG teh eval off womans studys :(
I know some people here have stories about him. He's fucking nuts. Next to him, Leander looks like an A++ RPer.
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