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03:30am 03/05/2005
  Okay, this one's kinda odd, in that it's not one of my logs.

Apparently, someone's been reading my old logs, and decided to actually visit Imperia, despite me saying I got banned from there.

Well, after about a month with a low-powered character (some sort of magic-less farmboy), he got banned. And sent me the logs of the relevant portions. Since I... ahem... left, the place has apparently gotten even MORE draconian, with new players forced to take weak characters and play in a mostly-inactive channel until they "prove" themselves worthy of playing with the "real RPers".

So I present them to you here, as he sent them to me. I haven't changed any of the names.

Warning: It's really long, and I haven't bothered to edit out any of the channel chatter. Most of it takes place in Grinding Stone anyway, so there's very little chatter to cut out. (It's quite possible that Zazelby made up the whole log, but it sounds like authentic Mike to me, so I'll let you be the judge)

Part 1: Video games in Imperia. Yes, reallyCollapse )
Part 2: Zazelby comments in #imperia. Topic drift occurs.Collapse )
Part 3: Zazelby goes to #grinding_stone. This part's the longest. Spam!Collapse )

I was thinking of going back, but things like this remind me of why I left.

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More Einzehn Is a Psychopath! 
03:28pm 02/04/2005
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The completely uneditted log! It got him @booted. It also proved he's a fucking nutcase

[Public] 'Wackjob' Einzehn says, 'And the holocausts never happened, right, Is?'Collapse )
"Tea" for Two 
01:04pm 22/02/2005
  We mentioned Tezley in the last post's comments, but she deserves a post all to herself.

Tezley showed up on Project Infinity some time around 1998 with a mortal app. She applied for a 16-year-old daughter of an army general, with a list of skills twelve miles long. Diplomacy, proficiency in a dozen language, martial skills, Olympic-level firearms accuracy, disguise and subtrafuge... OH! And the ability to whistle any piece of music... backwards. At this point, PI was still accepting a lot of crap apps, so "Tea's" app was incredible by comparison. HUGE personality, giant background, well-written. The player had also spent a lot of time hanging out in the OOC room before she was accepted, making friends, being cheerful, and joking about apping for "Guest2," as a character. She was accepted, and released on to the grid.

It wasn't long before playing ONE perfect character wasn't enough for Tezley, though. She split her character into two personalities: "Tea," her rollerblading, gum-popping, boy-hungry younger self and "Tezley," her own studious, serious older sister. She actually argued that characters with trained senses of smell (bloodhound-level senses of smell), would not be able to tell that the girls were one and the same because each personality wore different perfumes.

While this was annoying, it wasn't the worst of it. Eventually, Tezley fell into aquaintences with Selene (if you're familiar with Marvel continuity, yes. THAT Selene. Mind-controling witch with telekinetic powers that make Jean Grey's powers look like nothing more than a slight case of constipation, AKA The Black Queen). After a few weeks of RPing exclusively inside the Hellfire Club, it becomes known that Tezley has actually manipulated Selene into become HER slave, and has become some sort of dominatrix mistress of (at the time), THE MOST POWERFUL CHARACTER ON THE GRID. And during those isolated months of IC time, the SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD ordered Selene to give both herself and Tezley GIANT BREASTS. When I say "giant breasts," I don't mean "D-cup." I mean the description had the phrase "beachball-sized," and "augmented back muscles to carry the load." Tea's description also pointed out that most of her torso was obscured by these new jugs. Selene's description contained references to twin watermelons. They also gave giant breasts to Fairchild (who was Selene's alt and who was taking part in these girl-on-girl slavery scenes), who later had them removed by Magneto... but that's another story.

Somehow during this time, Tezley's player became Roleplaying Wizard. She was chosen after the LAST RP Wizard was sacked for claiming that there was nothing wrong with applying for a character with an app that was stolen from another player's website. So she apped for a character who was a literal manifestation of chaos. She wanted the power to ICly show up in any scene at any time, even scenes that were being held in locked private/TP rooms. I believe the rational went like this: "The less possible it is for her to be somewhere, the more likely it is that she'll be there." It was an "I want to randomly fuck up everyone's RP and not be held responsible for it" app. There was SO much more to that app, but I don' t have the app on this computer. Ahhh, the bad old days. The app was rejected...WHILE she was still a Wizard. We all heard about that for days, let me tell you.

Tea wandered away for awhile then, we didn't see her for a few months. When she came back, she had an application for a character who could generate biological lifeforms and exercise limited control over them. This was all fine and dandy, until we got down to the part where she mentioned that she could control the speed at which these lifeforms were traveling when generated. Up to five hundred miles per hour. In other words, she could metaphysically fast-pitch a squirrel at you... at 500 mph. With the repeating speed of an automatic weapon. She was a walking chipmunk machine gun.

After that app was rejected, she left and didn't return. She was seen on other MU*s, usually apping for Illyana. At one of these MU*, I personally witnessed a scene where Tea's Illyana character used her teleportation disks to core a young woman like an apple. I believe she garnered some twink fame as that character on serveral old superhero places.

Now, before you write off Tea as another crazy, psycho hose beast woman... remember this: the player was a man.

I could be wrong, but I think that this was her(his) old website.

EDIT: That IS her website, and here is her picture and description of Tezley (before the giant boobs of doom).
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I'm A WackJob! 
10:38am 21/02/2005
mood: irritated
I can't believe we've never posted about spook205 here.

This guy consistantly apps characters that are...basically the same thing. Lawful Good, emotionally stunted, and characters who drive everyone else fucking crazy because they're so stupid.

His first character, Pelv, was an elf who had torn his ears off and hated all elves and went around telling all the elves on the grid he was going to kill them. He said this to an elf who happened to have a half-giant as a boyfriend and then got upset when said boyfriend 'picked on him'.

This character was very quickly dropped and he complained everyone the grid hated him.


His next character was Einzehn. I don't even know what the fuck he is cause I don't really care, but every scene he's in her bemoans not being able to understand emotion. This while hanging all over the token TS whore with purple eyes, a huge rack and the morals of a virgin. Seriously. Every single scene. He throws out huge poses about how his crazy father kept him sheltered from the world and he finds everything illogical, blah blah, oh he'll just go home with Lady Alina who can show him the ways of True Love which are apparently found between her legs.


Malgum is the latest. He's a paladin that goes around complaining loudly about how the gods don't exist and if they did they would've HELPED HIM SAVE HIS SISTER WHO WAS BRUTALLY RAPED BY ELVES BUT THEY DIDN'T AND THEN HE WAS RAPED BY HIS DOG AND HIS FATHER AND HIS OWN FIST OMFG IT IS TRAGIC : (

Seriously. Every pose. Someone raped. It got so bad that the highfather of one of the temples slapped him with a curse/blessing thing so he couldn't talk badly about the gods anymore. Einzehn got sent off grid to 'guard a portal' because he drives everyone bugfuck crazy.

And then you read his livejournal. And he's a god damn psychopath. He only plays Lawful Good characters because they're all versions of him. And when you consider he once said the perfect woman was one who was dead and stuffed with straw, that makes him god damn crazy. I had a conversation (read: screaming fight) one night with him when he was new, because he was saying on the Public channel that all Muslims were evil and needed to be destroyed. And we just couldn't understand that because we didn't have Jesus in our hearts. Eventually the Headwiz stepped in, made him take it to pages and basically told him to shut the fuck up.

I wish I had some logs, but the livejournal really speaks for itself. I like the post where he comes down on bahimiron for believing his ideas to be Evil when they're only Different and Right.

I like this quote:

I keep meeting the same kind of people who make me want to just stop MUSHing in general, the folks who presumably attend the Women's Studies Courses or have Darwin Fish on their cars because it shakes up the "squares".

OMFG teh eval off womans studys :(
I know some people here have stories about him. He's fucking nuts. Next to him, Leander looks like an A++ RPer.
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12:41am 16/02/2005
  That post by raiu caused me to wander over to the old Imperia website and look around it again.

You'll remember how I was screamed at by Baiganx for using the names of his characters - even though I used them to *refer* to his characters? And he insisted that I remove them all because they "violated copyright"?


Note the "followers" pictures on the right.


Scroll down to "Majesty Collectable Cards" (these pictures are also in the Majesty instruction booklet)

Look familiar?

The pictures of the temples are also taken from Majesty.

And yet, the site says "All Contents are Copyright © 1996-2004, Michael Dodd" - implying that he made the images he clearly just lifted from another site.

And yet *I* was the one breaking copyright? Hmph. =)

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It has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was funny 
12:05am 16/02/2005

Yes, that's the actual filename.

The re-return of the Best Guest Ever! 
05:39pm 26/01/2005
  You may remember him from here and here, but he's still around.

Behold! http://seizui.reakktion.com/GuestFromHell.txt

Enjoy more of the insanity.

And I do mean "insanity".

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Guest2 says, "We are going to handle this NOW!" 
06:22pm 07/10/2004
mood: devious
Well, since keelie posted that log of the best guest ever from my journal, I felt I should point out the other two LJ logs out there. Yes, it is the same guy. I'm a wizard on the game these logs come from, and his IP was cross-checked. ITZ TEH SAM GUY!!!!!!!!!!

First, there's this one from Bad RPers Suck

Then, there's the original appearance of The Best Guest Ever on hopperuk's journal.

This guy was priceless. :)
Why Haven't We Put This Here? 
04:51pm 07/10/2004
  For all of the people that don't read Snark, they're missing out on:

The Best Guest Evar!1!!

Stolen from wishdragon.

But hopefully she won't ban me for linking directly to livejournal!...on livejournal :(
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Don't mind me, I'm new! 
12:55pm 07/10/2004
mood: chipper
Er.. hi. :D There was a duplicate post here, but I'm getting rid of it!

Mike sucks!

A pathetic attempt! 
12:43pm 07/10/2004
mood: amused
An amusing log.Collapse )
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Hey, Baiganx? 
09:38pm 28/06/2004
mood: goofy
This one's for you! :)

03:19am 24/01/2004
  Well, I just dropped in and wanted to say that this is quite an impressive display of kids playing at being mentally handicap. You all do so well..I'm not sure if it's real or not! Well, I'll be sure to check in again!! Maybe I'll beat myself over the head with a hammer for an hour and post here, that way you guys can understand everything I say!!

P.S. Rusty...your a homo.
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More TaX and Kloom 
04:10pm 23/01/2004
mood: cheerful
I'd forgotten - the TaX apper immediately resubmitted both characters when they were rejected, changing them completely. This time, they're not related, but.... well, let's just say there's not much improvement, yes?

TeX BloodBane v. 2!Collapse )


Kloom BloodBane (no relation)Collapse )

Oh, and one more...

Not a real app. I wrote this one.Collapse )

TeX and Kloom 
11:12am 23/01/2004
mood: geeky
I dug these character apps up while looking at old e-mails. No, they're not for PI, but I saw them and they were just THAT. GOOD. (In the sense that they're awful). These were from a now-defunct superhero MUX that let you set up characters online, so... without further ado....

The Mighty TeX!!Collapse )

And, as a bonus.. same apper apped for TeX's brother *at the same time*...

The mightier Kloom!!!!111Collapse )

They just don't make bad apps like that anymore.
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09:15am 21/01/2004
  The following is a log from X-Men: End Times MUX, from a few years ago. I'd almost forgotten about it until I stumbled across it yesterday. It features a guest who...well, you'll see.

i don't hear anyone else saying im annoyingCollapse )
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09:10pm 16/01/2004
mood: silly
If you're new and you don't know,
Where to go to, why don't you go,
Where ration trips?
Putting On The 'Ships!
Different alts, who wear a day,
Alts with twins, and never gay,
Nice eyes, jailbait tits?
Putting On The 'Ships!

I'm here all night.
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Worst. Buildapp. EVAR. 
10:06pm 16/01/2004
  Note that not only does he want to build a grand total of FOUR bathrooms (for the MUX un-savvy, that's a HUGE waste of space. People don't often RP in bathrooms) but at the time that this app was sent in, the character's resources were a grand total of oh, $200 bucks. Yeah, you can get your evil-freezing DOJO built for two hundred bucks, SURE.

1 From: J**** At: Fri Feb 12 09:45:41 1999
Fldr : 2 Status: Read Safe

Subject: Building Project App: Gym
Hi, well, I'm new, and my character needs SOME place to stay. :)
Note: He's going to be enchanting where he stays/works against evil if he can. Specifically, it'll freeze the first person with evil intentions, such as torching the gym itself, and leave them for Jayce
to do something with. It can also be considered HOLY GROUND specifically once he sets up his minor little temple in the near-middle of the place. (Hey, I got Enchantments in my Magic Skill, along with Rituals. Gotta use that for /something/.)

Building Contract App:
1) Jayce/Avatar
2) Undecided. So far, I'm thinking on calling it 'Dragon Gym' since it's owned by a partial dragon.
3) It'll give something for the crimelords to worry about, specifically the mystic-based ones, and a place for all that's pretty much safe do to Enchantments and Rituals.
4) 33 total @quota.
What I have planned is the front room with a set of shower/locker rooms (men and women) and a dojo linked in. From there, it would have an exit up as stairs to a livinr room, then a bedroom with a private bathroom, a dining room with a second bathroom linked to it, a spare bedroom from the dining room, and a temple linked to the living room area.
6) I have built past projects including caves and full-scale small buildings. I usually put in +views, places, and other things of interest.
Anything that's a suggestion is welcome. You can see some of my work at Marvel: X-Treme if you page me as Zackary Taylor/Zackary/Emerald or Thomas/Solar Knight. You are welcome to ask here, too. Thank you.
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Quick Reply to Mike (since I know he reads this) 
10:56am 14/01/2004
mood: satisfied
Sorry, Mike, I was going to post this on your journal (since you've mentioned me specifically twice now), but you've got it all locked up, even though there's only one entry that non-friends can post on....

To Baiganx, With LoveCollapse )
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Celebrity Jeopardy 2 
08:15am 14/01/2004
  And here's the second (and so far, final) episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. This one's not so PI focused. I wrote this one about three or four months ago, I think.

Notes That That's My Roman Fusion CannonCollapse )
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